Trumark provide a comprehensive range of quality Metal Drywall systems from Studco & EZ Concept.

Studco offer a range of steel stud wall framing systems and accessories (brackets & clips) that are suitable for variety of applications and that are engineered to provide durability and versatility. See below for our range our contact us to discuss your steel framing requirements.

EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems are the complete solution for modern buildings, and can easily create flush-finish walls and ceilings with its range of durable metal sections. See below for our range or contact us to discuss your requirements.



Need engineering support? Trumark  together with our experienced suppliers, can help provide specialised engineering support for various essential elements within the building envelope. Click here for more information on our engineering services.

Studco Range

  • Steel Stud & Track (0.55 – 0.75 BMT).

    The Studco lipped wall studs are available in various widths and gauges from 0.50BMT to 1.15BMT.

  • Structural Wall Framing

    With enhanced strength (1.15BMT) making them tougher, safer and more reliable for load bearing capacities.

  • Vortex

    High Performance Framing System that improves the behaviour of the wall structure in high-rise buildings.

  • HEDA

    Structural Wall System that offers a fast and easy way to create openings in both in internal and external walls.

  • Acoustic Wall Systems

    Engineered metal profile that has been proven to greatly improve the sound isolation performance of internal lined walls.

  • Shaftwall Brace

    The Shaftwall system is the ideal solution for elevator shafts, stairwells and service ducting.

  • Battened Walls

    Battened walls are fixed between the plasterboard and wall frames and reduce movement caused by the expansion and contraction of construction materials.

  • Resilmount Range

    Engineered acoustic resilient mounting bracket range to help reduce sound transfer and vibration in wall and ceiling applications.

EZ Concept Range

  • EzyJamb

    Flush finish door jamb systems that create seamless clean lines and eliminates the need for architraves around the door frame.

  • EzyPelmet

    Two-piece steel pelmet box system that conceals window blinds or feature lighting.

  • EzyReveal

    Steel window reveal that creates a premium square-set interior finish and eliminates the need for architraves.

  • CavKit

    Flush finish system that trims and caps the plasterboard edges around the door penetration to create a hidden cavity slider.

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