GT Ultimate Grid

24 October 2022

Trumark Group has introduced yet another innovative product, the GT Ultimate Grid is a leading-edge exposed grid ceiling system that is fast to install, high strength and fully demountable.


  • Quick release tab system for super fast demountability
  • Audible quality ‘click’ with connection
  • Double stitched main & cross tee for superior strength and stability
  • Fire rated
  • Clean bright white colour
  • High torsion/twist resistance
  • European made


PartCodeLength B24Dimensions
Main TeeGT8133700mm24 x 38mm
Cross TeeGT48161200mm24 x 32mm
Cross TeeGT4811600mm24 x 32mm
Wall AngleGT88163600mm24 x 32mm


  • Hanging Rods
  • Spring Hangers
  • Purlin Clips
  • Suspension Rods
  • Tile Down Hold Clips
  • Ceiling Bracket Assembly
  • Ceiling Tiles