NCC 2022 – First Look Preview

24 October 2022

The first stage of NCC 2022 Preview has landed on the ABCB website. Check out some of the main updates that have been released.Updated volume structureThe NCC 2022 has updated the structure and clause referencing system to create better consistency across all volumes. They have however left the old clause numbers as refernec eon each page.

Housing Provisions Standard

This new ABCB Standard is introduced to align the structure of the NCC Volumes. It represents the Acceptable Construction Practices’ (ACPs) content previously found in NCC 2019 Volume Two, Section 3.

Lead free plumbing products

A significant change that requires the use of lead free plumbing products – it also specifies new requirements for any plumbing product containing copper alloy and intended for use in contact with drinking water from 1 September 2025.

Livable housing

There are new livable housing requirements for Class 1a buildings and Class 2 sole-occupancy units that requires them reach the Livable Housing Design Guidelines silver standard, with a voluntary to achieve gold standard.

Early childhood centres

New DTS Provisions for early childhood centres, in particular extra requirements to address the difficulties associated with evacuating young occupants from the upper levels of multi-storey buildings;

Fire safety of external walls

There are a number of amendments to the fire safety of external walls that help clarify the interpretation of concessions from non-combustibility requirements. Also includes new provision around fixing of certain bonded laminated cladding panels by adhesive only.


There are new DTS Provisions in Volume Two for waterproofing of wet areas.


There are also additional DTS Provisions in Volume One that provides  new solutions for weatherproofing of external walls. These also references provisions for masonry, autoclaved aerated concrete and metal wall sheeting.

Next Steps:

This first stage of NCC 2022 only shows the national requirements (i.e. not the NCC 2022 state and territory variations). The state and territory content in the first stage reflects NCC 2019 content.

The second stage release of NCC 2022 (Sept 2022) will be a complete and final version, including state and territory variations.

For more information or to view the NCC 2022, visit the ABCB website.
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