Crane Truck Delivery

“Thanks for getting the delivery out at 7am on site. Perfect! Your truck driver was great, operated the crane with precision, and landed materials exactly where we wanted them. Good all around. I couldn’t be happier.”

Anthony Cleary – Director, MOVING THE EARTH

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PIRMAX Insulation

“I recently used PIRMAX board in replacement of a competitor specified product. Not only did the PIRMAX Board meet or exceed the original specified product, but there were significant cost savings. Finally a high quality Australian made and compliant product, without the high price tag”


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ZoneFX Hoarding Solution

“ The new Zone FX hoarding is superfast, light and easy to setup, significant cost savings where internal site sheds need to be built- plus the added bonus of being able to reuse them on the next project, producing further cost savings on the next job”

Ivan Beronic – Director, I & K INTERIORS

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PB Interiors

“Just wanted to say thank you for your customer service it has been outstanding and it has been a great help considering we are on a high pressure job.”

Steven Brown – Project Manager, PB INTERIORS

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