Alteria Batten Estimator

Interested in using Alteria Battens on your next project? The below calculator can help you understand how many battens you’ll need depending on the batten size and spacing.


Signature Aluminium Systems

Alteria is your new solution for when you need beautiful aluminium battens.

The extensive range of Signature Aluminium Systems and finishes have been designed for beauty and longevity. The below batten calculator helps you understand how many battens your project requires. The range of battens has two face profiles; 30mm and 50mm with differing batten depths to help achieve your desired look.

Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of the Trumark Alteria Batten Estimator, products and systems do change over time, and interpretations may vary, which means Trumark Pty Ltd cannot accept liability for the accuracy of information supplied (or lack thereof), or any consequences which happen as a result. The Trumark Alteria Batten Estimator is intended as a guide only and do not replace professional judgement. Installation of Trumark products must also be in accordance with the datasheets, which is also available on the Trumark website.