Project: Brewmanity

08 April 2024

Key Products Supplied:
Cemintel Barestone Original
Top Hat
Building Membrane
FC Cutting
Stud & Truck
Plaster Board

Sector: Commercial hospitality facility

Builder: Kematch

Location: South Melbourne, VIC

Project Details 

In March 2024, Melbourne welcomed Brewmanity, a revolutionary brewery aimed at not only providing top-quality beer and breathtaking views but also contributing to a noble cause. Founded by David Neitz, Brewmanity stands as a beacon of goodwill, supporting the fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND) through its mission of “Good Beer that does Good Deeds.” Since its inception in 2015, Brewmanity has raised over $970,000 for FightMND, and with its new South Melbourne venue, it aims to take its philanthropic endeavours to greater heights.

Spectacular views offered up across two rooftop options at Melbourne newest brewery, Brewmanity in South Melbourne

Situated amidst spectacular views, Brewmanity’s rooftop spaces offer patrons an unparalleled experience. The brewery’s industrial aesthetic, paying homage to its glass factory heritage, required materials that would not only embody its ethos but also elevate its ambience. Trumark emerged as the ideal partner, supplying Cemintel Barestone Original, a material that perfectly captured the desired industrial effect.

Cemintel Barestone Original, provided by Trumark, boasts a prefinished surface that mimics raw concrete, seamlessly blending into the surroundings while effortlessly adapting to modern design elements. Its natural variations in colour and smooth mottled surface served as the perfect backdrop for the rooftop spaces, enhancing their allure.

However, achieving this remarkable finish required more than just superior cladding; it necessitated meticulous attention to detail in the subframe. Trumark stepped in once again, supplying top hats and a vapour-permeable building membrane to ensure not only aesthetic brilliance but also long-term functionality and durability.

Internally, Trumark’s contributions were equally vital. Supplying stud and track for the drywall system, Trumark ensured that Brewmanity’s interiors met both design aspirations and compliance standards, including those outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). With bell-mouth service holes punched at precise intervals, the drywall system seamlessly integrated technology without sacrificing aesthetics.

Melbourne’s first rooftop brewery, Brewmanity now open

Today, Brewmanity stands tall as Melbourne’s premier rooftop brewery, boasting 36 taps, an extensive wine and cocktail list, and a three-story brew house that has quickly become a must-visit destination in 2024.

As Brewmanity exemplifies, Trumark is not merely a materials’ supplier; it is a partner committed to bringing visions to life. With expertise in facade, fit-out, and fixing, Trumark stands ready to elevate your project to new heights. Whether you’re embarking on a similar endeavour or seeking expert guidance for your unique project, Trumark is here to assist.

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