Project: Etihad City Football Academy Casey Fields

31 October 2023

Key Products Supplied:
National Ceiling Systems (NCS) – Ridge Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and GT Ultimate Grid Systems

Sector: Commercial Project

Location: Clyde, VIC

Project Details 

Melbourne, a city renowned for its deep-seated love for sports, is about to get a fresh jewel in its sporting crown. The newly minted Etihad Stadium at Casey Fields is set to redefine the local sporting landscape, boasting innovative architectural choices and promising a new era for the soccer community in the area. Among these choices, the use of National Ceiling Systems (NCS) throughout the bottom level of the stadium stands out as a testament to both functionality and aesthetics.

The stadium’s architectural choices are more than just aesthetics; they are symbolic of Melbourne’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities to its soccer enthusiasts. The blend of sleek, contemporary design with the raw, dynamic nature of sports creates a venue that is both awe-inspiring and practical.

Work in Progress

NCS: Ceiling Excellence Exemplified in Ridge Tiles

National Ceiling Systems is celebrated for its innovative ceiling solutions that seamlessly combine style and functionality. The integration of NCS’s products into the lower levels of the stadium is more than just a design choice; it’s a commitment to delivering the best experience for athletes and fans alike. The NCS Ridge tile was carefully selected for the project, the non-directional fine fissure face of the tile adds an aesthetically subtle detail to the ceiling. The high quality panels are easily cut to size, creating quick installations with minimal wastage.

In a stadium where cheering fans generate an exhilarating roar, maintaining ideal acoustics is crucial. The choice of NCS’s Ridge ceiling tiles and GT Ultimate grid ensures that sound is well-controlled. The materials used absorb and disperse sound waves effectively, providing an outstanding auditory experience, preventing unwanted echoes.

Looking to The Future

A Home for the Soccer Enthusiasts

Soccer, often referred to as the world’s game, holds a special place in the hearts of many Melburnians. Etihad Stadium at Casey Fields has been meticulously planned to serve as a nurturing ground for the local soccer community. The master plan for Casey Fields Sporting Complex looks to the future of sport not only in the surrounding suburbs, but for all Victoria. This ambitious complex aims to stand the test of time, growing with the community in the future and exceeding expectations.

National Ceiling Systems’ products are designed for durability. They can withstand the test of time, ensuring that Etihad Stadium retains its stunning appearance for years to come.

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